Hi! I'm Matt Bilotti.
I am...

…a people-focused product builder, investor, and advisor.
I’ve been fortunate enough to see early and growth stage startups from all angles. I'm passionate about paying it forward to others, so whether you want to talk shop about product management, discuss an angel investment or are looking for an advisor, I’d love to hear from you.

...an operator.

I currently work at AngelList as a product lead for the investor platform. Before that, I joined Drift as employee #6 at $0 revenue and helped scale the business to 600 people and a $1.2B acquisition in October 2021. During that time, I wore basically every hat including product management, sales, customer success, support, product marketing, sales engineering, growth, and more. I also spent time at HubSpot during their IPO phase and worked on numerous early stage startups. I ran a podcast on growth with 100k downloads… listen to that podcast here.

...an early stage investor.

In total, I have deployed about 60 pre-seed and seed checks. My investing career started in 2013 when I was Managing Partner of the first Boston Dorm Room Fund team. Over the following two years, we deployed $500k in capital in $20k increments to incredible startups. Since the Drift acquisition, I have written 30+ personal checks to incredible startups, mainly in pre-seed and seed rounds. I also run a syndicate on AngelList…if you’re an accredited investor, join my syndicate here with no capital commitment. Learn more about my portfolio here.

...a startup advisor.

I’ve been advising startups between the pre-seed and Series B stage for years on product, growth, go-to-market, and marketing. I make myself available to founders and team members alike, embedding myself in their Slacks for easy access along with recurring or ad-hoc meetings as needed. I get as in the weeds as the team needs me, such as doing design reviews, or as high-level as necessary to strategize on fundraising with founders. I also work with HyperGrowth Partners, which helps scaling teams with growth. Learn more about my advising and read what other founders have said about working with me.
I love hearing from people that I can help.
Connect with me here.
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