As an advisor...

I partner with founders and their teams to provide guidance on product, growth, marketing, and company strategy through bi-weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc conversations. 

You and your team are busy, so I always focus on offering, high-leverage, actionable, and useful insights or connections. My promise to founder is that I will always provide honest, candid feedback.

I love working with early stage founders

If you're building a mission-driven company that's creating a better future and you think I can add value to you and your team, please reach out!

How I help founders like you...

"We're a sub-ten employee team and Matt was instrumental in our hiring process for our first product manager hire, a critical team addition for us. His product experience afforded us the opportunity to lean on him to shape what to look for in the IC hire. He interviewed our final candidates and shared detailed loom videos breaking down why the candidate may or may not be a great fit at our stage and for our mission. This invaluable insight and perspective helped shape our final decisions and provided insight on what to look for in future candidates. Not to be overlooked, Matt is very responsive and we know we can depend on him to keep the interview process speedy."

Aagya Mathur

CEO & Founder of Aavia

Hiring & Interviewing

Making your first product and growth hires and hiring the right people for your stage is absolutely critical to your journey. I can help you make sure you're bringing on the right people for the stage you're at, whether it's your very first hire, your leadership hires, or anyone in between.

Always Accessible

I'll join your Slack, offer you my phone number, and promptly answer anything you send my way.

My goal is to be a quick gut-check on things whenever you’re up against something you’re trying to make a rapid decision on.

 “Knowing Matt is only a Slack message away has been invaluable for me as I’ve scaled up our product, engineering, and design orgs. He was immensely helpful as a sounding board as we were making major strategy and people decisions from seed to our current series B round. Having him accessible to me and my team was an immense help along our journey.”

Lei Xu

Co-founder of Workstream

"Matt was always there when we needed him to talk about whatever it was we were dealing with. Fundraising strategy, product positioning, go to market…our recurring and ad-hoc calls with Matt helped us immensely on our journey."

Ankith Harathi

CEO & Co-founder of Macro (Acquired by mmhmm)

Ongoing Strategy Calls

I’ve seen the insides of dozens of startups and have developed a skill for intuiting what works and what doesn’t for each unique business, stage, and market.

You know your business better than anyone else and I can help you talk through strategies, concepts, and ideas to help you get clarity.

Getting in the Weeds

Nothing is too small for me to dive into with you. An internal one-pager about a new process? Copy for a new email drip campaign? People-related struggles? A design review?

I’m here...tag me in! I’ll jump into whatever is top of mind for you as needed, no matter the level of detail. I find that stuff so much fun.

“In addition to having bi-weekly calls with me and my co-founder, Matt joins our weekly product team standup and provides super useful insight and advice about whatever it is that we are working on. We also tag him in to help with specifics wherever we need and he’s always game to lend a hand - nothing is too small for him to help out with!”

Brittany Fuller

CEO & Co-founder
of Notably

"As we have begun iterating our subscription product offering, Matt has been a key partner around pricing, product packaging, defining metrics, and growth strategy. I’m so glad he joined our team as an angel investor…he’s been a critical resource in our first few months working together."

Phoebe Yao

CEO & Founder of Pareto

Product & Growth Strategy

I’ve been doing product work for well over a decade and have run dozens of product teams, growth teams, and business units.

I’m happy to dig in at every level on product and growth, from discussing go-to-market, the overall strategy, customer segmentation, product development processes, pricing/packaging, and more.

Investor Connections & Fundraising Strategy

Getting your earliest checks are sometimes the hardest. I can help you nail your approach to early stage fundraising so that process is easier.

I’ve also been a part of the investment world for over a decade and have built close relationships with incredible angels and institutional investors that I frequently introduce new founders to.

“As soon as we kicked off our fundraising process, Matt helped us draft our investor memo and then connected us to over 10 angel investors directly that ended up filling almost half of our entire round, plus he helped us raise over $160k from another 20 angel investors via an SPV that closed within a week. His network, and willingness to get us intros, was insanely valuable. He has close relationships with some incredible people that will be game changers for us as we grow.”

Quinn Litherland

CEO & Founder of Authentic

“Matt closely follows along with every one of our monthly investor updates and has made multiple connections to amazing candidates. We know we can count on him to get us an intro to anyone in his network that we’d like to talk to and we're super appreciative that he’s proactive about it.”

Troy Sultan

CEO & Founder of Guide

Network Access

Potential partners, early customers, or employees…you name it! I’ll open up my network to you for intros to any of them.

I’ll also proactively follow your monthly investor updates and get you in front of the right people in my network that can solve for a specific challenge or request.

Fundraising Deck Feedback

Storytelling is one of my superpowers. I'll review your fundraising slide decks and give you the tough, critical, candid feedback that other investors will likely not bother to tell you.

I’ll help you iterate so your story and pitch are more clear, getting you a higher likelihood of getting meetings and closing investors.

“Matt’s teardown of our deck was invaluable. He provided us actionable suggestions at both a high level (deck strategy, story) and important wording details on critical slides. His feedback helped us restructure our slides to tell our story more clearly. He has continued to iterate on it with us as we’ve created new versions of the deck and updated certain slides.”

Paul Hlatky

CEO & Co-founder of Revonate

“Matt and I had bi-weekly meetings for my first 2 years at Workstream. As a young company without a head of product, I didn't have an experienced advisor to learn from, and struggled with common product problems: getting blocked, struggling with priorities, and shipping too slow. Getting to talk through them with Matt and understand how I could approach or solve them made me into a much more effective PM, and now I find myself giving his same advice to the younger PMs on the team.”

Rob Attorri

Sr. Product Manager at Workstream

Recurring Team 1 on 1's

When you’re an early stage founder, you have so much on your plate. Guiding your earliest hires on their day-to-day can be challenging. 

I will mentor your ICs and product leaders (product managers, first growth hire, VPs, etc) with recurring 1on1s to help make sure their focused on the right priorities and learning as fast as possible.

Go-to-market Strategy

Figuring out how you reach your customers and with what message is the most critical thing to get right in your earliest days as a company.

I've seen dozens of products go from conception to launch to scale and I'd be happy to help you hone in on your own go-to-market.

“As an India-based company, we were working to break into the US market and figure out the value proposition and packaging that would resonate most. Matt set up and ran valuable discovery calls with potential buyers and helped us iterate on our packaging and messaging. He even flew out to our first US-based conference sponsorship where he was critical to the success we had on that trip."

Karan Rao

Sr VP, Business Development of Rocketium

As an early stage founder, the biggest struggle is maintaining conviction through the dramatic ups and downs. Matt is the first person I turn to on both sides of the pendulum — he’s somewhere between the world’s best personal therapist and a startup wizard. Unlike most advisors, Matt gets in the weeds with us. He spends time giving meaningful insights, feedback and actionable direction. It all comes down to one thing: he’s done it before. His advice isn’t regurgitated wisdom from MBA textbooks but true “I’ve seen this before” stories that accelerate our learnings and help us avoid costly mistakes. He’s eager to get in the trenches and we wouldn’t be where we are without him.

Josh Perk

CEO & Co-Founder of Vector

Emotional Support

Building a startup is hard. 

I've been through that journey and will be there for you to talk out any challenges throughout the ups and downs that will come.

Whether it's talking through the stress of a big strategic shift or a something that happened in your company that's got you reeling, I'm here to help make sense of it all with empathy and enthusiasm.
I love hearing from people that I can help.
Connect with me here.
© 2023 - Matt Bilotti
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