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I give talks every so often. I also ran a podcast called Growth for three years. Once in a blue moon I write something. This is a small collection of some of my favorite pieces of content I’ve created.

Growth Podcast

When I switched into a growth product role from a traditional product role, I tried to find resources on how to think about growth strategy, experimentation, tactics, and channels.

This podcast is a library of 90 episodes with the top growth experts in the world on everything you might want to know about growth.

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Burndown Book

When Drift was first getting started, we needed a product development process that was adaptable and allowed us to ship small increments at high speeds. Alongside Drift CEO David Cancel, I developed a methodology called Burndown, which I documented in a free e-book.

After the book was released, it was amazing to hear from companies that used Burndown to unlock new levels of product development on their own teams.

View and download the book here...

Product-Led Guest Blog Post

One of the ways we built a high velocity growth function at Drift was through our day to day system of execution. That system was rooted in using unit economics to make prioritization decisions.

This blog post breaks down how we approached that and how you can do the same. If you reach out to me directly, I’m happy to provide you an Airtable template to start with.

Read that blog post here.

Fireside Chat with South Park Commons

Watch that video here.

Product School Talk

There are a few core strategies that you can take in order to build a product that acquires users. In this talk, I’ll break down what those are, role models for each (who are some of the best in the world at this strategy), and how you can figure out which strategies to employ in order to create a growth flywheel. 

Watch that talk here.

Solo Backpacking Vietnam on a Motorbike for 3 Weeks Blog Post

Back in 2019 I took a sabbatical from Drift to explore a new part of the world. It was a hell of an adventure and I documented some of my experience with a written article, including photos and videos.

Read that blog post here.

Northeastern University Global Officer Role

So, this one is a bit less of "content I made", but I am nevertheless extremely proud of it. Northeastern University chose me as the President of the university's first ever co-op (along with one other) from hundreds of students and an intensive application process.

I then got to explore 26 cities across 5 continents in five months of nonstop travel meeting early stage startups and forging connections for future students. 

Watch the announcement video here.
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