As an investor...

I invest in the world I hope to see. My investments focus on a mix of mission-driven teams, disruptive tech, women & minority led companies, and people-focused products. 

Checks come with more than just money…I’ll lean in with your team and do whatever I can to help you succeed. See what other founders say here.

Working on something?

Feel free to reach out and let me know what you’re building. I would love to explore an investment if there's a mutual fit.

My Portfolio

Below are all of my personal investments in companies that have announced their rounds. 

It does not include SPVs I've done (which is about first was Liquid Death!), nor does it include investments I have made on behalf of other funds or organizations such as Dorm Room Fund and Underscore (I've done ~30 of those investments). 

I have also included the companies where I have advisory shares as I consider time invested to be more valuable than capital. I began actively advising startups in 2019 and writing personal angel checks in 2021.

Also an investor? Co-invest with me!

No capital commitment required…pick and choose which deals you want to invest in with a $1k minimum check size.
I love hearing from people that I can help.
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